Handheld TD3A II Transponder Detector

This hand held unit detects transponders that are concealed in keys for modern automotive security ignition systems. It takes only a second to confirm the presence of a transponder in a key and indicate the transponder type.


  • Detects the presence of a Transponder in the head of the key
  • Transponder chip checking before duplicating to avoid the duplicating keys that will not work
  • Identifies five different transponder brands
    • Megamos
    • Motorola
    • Phillips
    • Temic
    • Texas Instruments)
  • Battery powered  (9-volt x1 battery included)

Counter Top Transponder Key Tester

Designed for the security Professional to promote Transponder Key business in shops and point of sale locations. 


AD400  offers customers a chance to test their transponder key or Prox remote key, and for you to explain what the implications are for having a transponder key and thus offering them a spare.


The unit can also be used to prove to customers that there is an electronic transponder located inside the key and educate them in the cost of lost keys.


The device will display the frequency of the transponder and also if there is data transmitted, and gives an audible sound when it detects a transponder.



  • Battery (AA x 3 ) or 100~120 DC mains powered
  • User friendly and portable
  • Sound: Single tone buzzer
  • LED Light: Color LED x 4
  • Transponder chip detecting for Vehicles, Motorcycle, Trucks and Boat keys
    • 134 KHz Transponder Chips
    • 125 KHz Transponder Chips
    • Fixed and Crypto Transponder chips
  • Weight: Approx. 900g





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