Automated Key Machine  
The Miracle-A5 automated key machine, distributed by TESORO Japan, is a top quality key machine with the brilliant combination of smooth movements though its compact automated system.  A5 is also the best value key machine on the market that cuts, Standard keys, High Security (Laser) Keys and Tibbie keys.
  1. Stand-Along Computer Coding key cutting machine
  2. InstaCode software capable
  3. Bluetooth connection with PDA
  4. Bluetooth connection with PC or Laptop
  5. Cuts Standard keys, High Security (Laser) Keys and Tibbie keys.
  6. Full 3-axis linear movement
  7. TESORO/ Slica/ JMA / Keyline key information equipped
  8. New information update via internet and SD card


The A5 automated key machine is very simple to operate and is ideal for the automotive specialist who needs a smaller automated key machine for its mobile shop or space limited store.  Flexible power options for in-door and out-door work environments.  Most Importantly the A5 comes with a low price tag enabling more people to enter the field on cutting automotive key blanks.

TESORO Japan in is a licensed distributor for Red Technology and its key machines.  From our over 40-years of experiences of manufacturing locks and key blanks, we do recommend the Miracle A5 for the automotive professionals.


         Tech Spec.

          Weight: 15kg
          H :235mm 


For more information, you can contact us at:
TESOEO Japan Inc.
Tel:     06-6387-1120


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